We offer different pricing tiers to manufacturers/service providers and dealers.

Manufacturers and service providers need national and global campaigns that require thinking as a business analyst, then a marketing consultant. These services need to be capable of reaching dealers and end-users across America and overseas.

Dealers need localized marketing backed by professional design to increase brand visibility and garner great leads from new and old clients alike.

Website program initiative for

We care deeply about the success of our verticals, chief among them the residential A/V industry. Did you know that over 50% of CEDIA members either don't have a website built or have an outdated one?

A website is the modern day version of a business card, and we believe it to be a vital organ in any businesses sales arsenal. We are now thrilled to announce that we've initiated a program with CEDIA to offer all dealer members special pricing, with a value of $1,500 taken off your tab when you build a website with us.

Hey guys,

Johnnie here! When we work with a manufacturer I usually take the reigns and act as a mix of business analyst and marketing consultant. After years of working for A/V dealers, tech manufacturers and SaaS companies there's little I haven't seen. I pride myself on helping clients diagnose their problems before we decide on what surgery they need.

I specialize in creating unique Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) campaigns and guerrilla marketing tactics in order to help launch products and services. By implementing these campaigns, I get companies better leads and more brand awareness. Word naturally spreads between between the right demographic's about your product or service.

I pick the right weapons out of our marketing arsenal, rather it's a marketing campaign, UX/website creation, direct sales, graphic design and branding identity, or content. By doing this, companies close more sales with more frequency, and often for more money. I adore building real relationships with people as I work on a clients behalf (I'm an ENFP so it's in my blood!). This happens over email and calls just as much as it happens on-site.

Email me today to help launch your product and get more people talking about your business. Get in touch →

—Johnnie Sanchez