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Johnnie & Co. is a marketing firm created exclusively for adventurous leaders in the A/V, IoT, and tech industries. We're consultants that provide marketing solutions to tech, A/V and IoT businesses that lead to more quality leads and higher brand awareness.

Common Marketing Mistakes

  • Hiring someone who doesn't understand the complicated world of AV/IT, SHaaS, SaaS, IoT.
  • Hiring a bleed-you-dry firm.
  • Hiring someone without a background in journalism or writing.
  • Mistaking experience as talent.
  • Print advertising/Pay to Play.
  • Endless press releases.
  • A 20% open rate for your newsletters/emails means that most of the time your work goes unappreciated. You do the math.
  • Being self-centered—no one on this planet cares as much about your business as you do. Turn the conversation back to other people and companies, and win many more friends.
  • But most of all, adapt or die.


How to Win the Game of Social Media

A/V Residential Dealers Edition

Learn How To:

  • Stop using social media platforms that aren't working for you
  • Start using the right social media platforms that will streamline leads and increase your bottom line
  • Not an A/V dealer? Understand dealers on a deeper level by reading this book. Pass it on to someone you know would benefit.

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