The family who makes this thing run

We believe in hiring the hungriest people, the most different of people, and the coolest of people. Our team is a family composed of, but not limited to: a red headed twin, a person who lives on the shore of an oyster lake, a double bassist, a person who owns a seal brown horse, and a wannabe surfer.

Johnnie Sanchez

Founder & CEO

Scott Ahern

Creative Director

Emily Jost

Project Manager

Calais Kraichoke

Graphic Designer

Chris Massey

Web Developer


More important than trying to sell you on consulting services that you may or may not need is getting to know you and your business. I want to know your business for what it is, what it could be, and what it should be. We believe it’s vital to listen to the symptoms, diagnose the problem, and then begin treating it.

In many cases, I will refer you to an expert colleague rather than try to interject myself into an issue that doesn’t suit my strengths. When I am the best person for the job, I welcome the opportunity to do it, whether it’s creating a strategy for launching a new product or service, developing relationships with dealers or end users, generating sales leads, or building your brand.

More than any one job, I welcome the opportunity to work with you over the long haul, to be your partner, and to become friends.

—Johnnie Sanchez